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I guess ur age
1. 824h 2. DMG 3. Batman Trilogy / Star Trek 4. Arctic Monkeys / The Killers 5. PUBG 6. League of Legends
you can only argue about the second sexiest man alive, cause everybody knows Dosia is the #1
Religious People Come
I am catholic, i pray every day more than once and enjoy going to church. I think you are trying so see God with other people eyes. this is a very complex subject, but basically the bible is how some ...
first of all it is not brazillian is portuguese... second he is crying because his old teammates are happier without him, like posting on social media and that they haven't done that to taco or felps ...
Left Brazil
nah, there is no better place to go
we aren't annoying we just have the best cs in the world, tell me one country with more decent players than us???
how old did you start playing cs?
first time i played like 12, but for a short amount of time, last year i started playing csgo (i'm 22 btw)
[+18] New FaZe leaked
lol reported
ankle ligament injury :(
i would strongly recommend you to see a doctor
IEM Belo Horizonte 2020
true, but it would be in sao paulo for sure
smoking should be illegal
finally someone with a brain
Fallen's Graffiti on Train
fallen deserves a grafitti whereever he wants
ELIGE TOP 1 2019
your roast is fucking terrible but i agree that elige should be top 1 2k19
CANADIANS RACISTS ??????????????
if u have never seen racism in Brazil than u probably do not live in here... but saying we are more racist than USA is kind ridiculous...
kNg to mibr
bro, what do u know about brazillian cs?? kng is not toxic at all and cold is probably the most toxic player on earth... kNg thrash talking his opponents in game doesnt mean he is toxic, that is very ...