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[18+] r8 ass
what's so funny?
if Bestikas faced Asterion
Magisk no respect
nt juliano
Cuz I don't have any others? Because I don't use twitch. I copied that clip from some hltv guy who posted it in the comments under a match. Just watch him play literally 1 game and it will be enough t...
MVP PK vs Invictus
MVP PK vs Invictus
Anyone has other suspicious clips of V4D1M? Please send me
I'm not even talking about this clip in particular. Just posted one so you have an idea. There are way more blatant moments but it needs to be found from previous matches
I think he just gives them info in TeamSpeak so they act accordingly. But yeah his teammates also have many suspicious moments
So I'm supposed to have them all? If you're really interested it would be enough to look at his demo once. The way he "finds" timings and moves his mouse, it's really obvious.
It would be fine if it was the only moment like that, but that guy has like INCREDIBLE amount of insanely fishy moments throughout his career
ViCi vs Invictus
can V4D1M be more blatant?
Cloud9 vs eUnited
TenZ holding b on mirage - free pass TenZ holding b on overpass - free pass
Cloud9 vs eUnited
He is and you are
North dead team
MIBR vs North would be a clash of trash but 2 years ago this would be a decent match-up
Aristocracy vs Winstrike
Round over - Winner: CT (12 - 15) - Bomb defused MINISE defused the bomb MINISE killed bondik with awp MINISE killed Hobbit with awp MINISE + dycha(flash assist) killed El1an with awp Hobbit planted t...