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s1mple moneyz?
because he earns a lot with subs and ads anyways, doesnt need the donation. Many streamers i know do that, also at some point reacting to all the donos is kinda annoying
Sunny Flusha scene
Won Katowice Tier 2 Nt
ZywoO brand
In the past he played a lot of fpl and pugs tho, this is why he actually is that good
ZywoO brand
That is bs, just cz someone is shy doesnt mean they have the personality of a rock ... Zywoo is a very humble, friendly guy who seems to be very fun to be around, just watch the bootcamps or the inter...
ZywoO brand
Less "cringe" than you tho
FACEIT difficulty explained:
Stop ruining other ppls experience...play dm/ casual instead
FACEIT difficulty explained:
Dont play faceit then:(
FACEIT difficulty explained:
Duo)trio all the way to ~2.1k, my mate has >2.7 tho All in freeq, even when we had premium
NBK no longer playing with Guardian for DH’s qualifier
Well OG is waiting at the next stage so it kinda makes sense he cant play tho
NBK no longer playing with Guardian for DH’s qualifier
More flexible rules could be abused by some orgs tho sadly Sad for nbk and the team, even the tournament tho
C9s players earn more than zywoo, at leasr till he renewed his contract haha. I dont think xeppa earns a lot tho and floppy is propably still under his old co tract. Mezii wont get more than 20k eithe...
Gambit > Navi
We all know who it is, just all their other accounts get banned after a few months
Gambit > Navi
Well gambit does the same for shiro kinda....that argument is weak
I dont think so but mb im wrong.
fix your crosshairplacement and peeking then.. much more important than random dm aim