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Caring about politics is important...
how to improve gamesense faster
Good that u copy my typing mistakes as well;D
how to improve gamesense faster
Its not about the position though. Its about why they move where and why they take certain fights. They are just very good at taling favourable fights and "abusing" movent tbh.
Amanek is much more valuable gameplaywise than jackz. Zywoo entries a lot anyways, he loves running in first or second so he can either entry or let amanek10 run in first. But yeah glaive, niko, hunte...
The price is propably an 8 figure number though
I have bad aim. Help!
You forgot movement though. Good movement is at least as important as good accuracy. If u can dodge bullets and peek properly in any given situation you will almost unkillable. And with that i dont me...
I have bad aim. Help!
Movement is the most important part here, most ppl forget that good movement wins u fights more often and consistently than good flicks or whatever
NaVI new profile
I think it will, i sit far away and im pretty sure my vision got worse cz i spent too much time in front of the pc, especially during the pandemic with homeoffice and studying from home for uni. And o...
NaVI new profile
Ropz said it just feels comfortable for him, doesnt have anything to do with bad vision or the res for him
"ZywOo not even top5"
Whoever has a better period and a better team will look better at that moment i guess
wtf is this veto
That wouldve happened if they banned 1by1 as well lol. Unless someone wouldve banned the opponents ban. Its bo1 so in the end it wont matter
G2 doesn't need ZywOo
I mean he didnt play great but still had some zywoo esk rounds. But i think it was just hard to play on that team in general. Very uncoordinated, loads of mistakes, bad teamplay etc. Also when u have ...