Former G2_top_1_soon

G2 my bois always choke coz they are saving strats for the major final mens remember when G2 choked quarter finals and every other stuff that was coz they were saving strat now they saved so much strat for those matches thats why they winning every single
Match except finals and their first all started when my homie Ex6tenz told the team to lose even the tier 5 games once when kenny was carrying ex6 went to him and knifed him from the back in their gaming house and even in the game too kenny dced and ex6 took his place then the next guy was smithzz we all know smithzz was in his worst form when he was in G2 so I didnt need to care about ex6 since he performed really bad but one day against flipside smithzz killed someone with a bizon to stabilize their economy now ex6 decided to kill him too now everyone is ex6 in a different skin he implanted even a virus in those bodies if this shit will get unfold everyone will do self destruct but ex6s legacy will live still and he will manipulate other players like Zeus and others thats why Zeus retired now he is ex6 bitch on a farm coz if he dont do that he gets killed. Thats the truth hltv men illuminati is working behind to rule the cs esport world.
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