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Gen.G All the way till the end.


Asian and NA cs fan. (Mainly Asian)
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Boring maps to watch
So that's the thing. When you actually face Asian players who are pros you like stand no chance. I played one game agaisnt Hazel in DM (pro player for Tyloo Female) and holy shit she is good. Back...
Boring maps to watch
By reading Hltv Threads one problem that seems very current in EU/NA CS is how there's a lot of baiters only playing for their stats. In Asia you barely have baiters because every round you either r...
streamers that don't deserve the fame they have
He is a pretty chill dude though. Not famous enough in any case 3k viewers per stream and is very nice towards chat,
Boring maps to watch
Not in Asia my dude haha...
Boring maps to watch
Well I have no friends so I like to play pug maps. Which is... infuriating sometimes haha
Beyond vs hadtro
I mean it was easy as fuck for Beyond even though I became a very inconsistent team when they left red alpha. This BuckkySP I enjoyed seeing him play. Not bad at all
Mythic vs Russian Canadians
GenG has been inactive for a few months now (unfortuatelly) plus they are a 3 man roster right now. While NEW were able go through IEM playoffs and are currently 14-0 on ESEA MDL I think. Not the bes...
NG vs Nine
So when there's a superstar (like s1mple, Zywoo or Device) they'll carry the whole team all the time and always win. But when a team with 3 of the best (don't remember seeing cbbk playing) players fro...
NG vs Nine
NG wins this. Go impression Go Xign Go erkast Go NG Great rooster but 5th man is needed. MYM was signed as the coach btw
Favorite csgo player
BnTeT. Great player to watch. He is very skilled and is very consistent.
Mythic vs ex-Polar Ace
Go Mythic!!! Wtf Curry has played for every mdl team for real though this guy everywhere it's is what? 3rd match against Mythic.
Incognito vs Mythic
Oh okay thank you!
Incognito vs Mythic
okay that's wassup! Good luck! JoJoCSgaming right? don't want to watch the wrong stream haha
G2 NiKo
Everything is connecting haha. Nice and exciting to see so many changes in the cs scene. Every match from now on with different rosters and players, instead of the usual 5.