The yall mickey mouse ass lookin ass hoe with your bigass clown shoes light up sketchers or some sheit and your goddamn leprosy puffing up your hands too goddam

feeling cute, might take a shit later

nomad means no mad or just nomad? like, it means he isnt mad or that he is a nomad?

i lure people into a false sense of security and then STUN with combo alcohol, money, weed ( + iginite ) and watch them undress

late night i get triple bitches like its nothing

typical mibr fangays be like:

don't open it

LOOOOOL, im probably more old than you, and i problably have more years in a job than you. so please shut up.
why people in this days, take this kinda of memes so serious, its just a joke.
now i said to you, go take a job KID
and btw, i dont give a fuck, of what you think

im 14 and im fpl top 1 player, im global since 100 hours in game, im play sense 5 but my aim god becos im very god to, im play 30hz monitor in shiet 20fps pc, singn me faze or navi i want play simple and nikoko

you shall not pass:

skilled player but that is not normally, This very very insane....They need to check him pc and game.....Maybe he not cheating but maybe he using the game deficit ...and this cant seem on game screen..He needs to check-up....

Thotsaphon Suphatthanaphalaphon is a legendary name, many people don't know but this was the name of one of the buddhas from Nepal in Indonesia that went to Thailand to pray for the great Khans, unfortunately the Legion got to him and killed him before the NCR could save him, I think that he deserved more, you see, Jack and Diane told me that there was a vault down by the Boomers camp and the vault had some interesting data about Thotsaphon Suphatthanaphalaphon, will you check it out for me?

proof of hltv mods bias:

2nd pic:
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so because he says he isnt trolling you just believe it? k , guess you dont vote yet?
TOP 5 all time csgo
lg not even top 10 of all time, just 2 lucky majors with a cheating coldzera and a cheating fallen, with cheats even bot fox and s1mple would win a major
flag checks out
okay, just so we are clear, i won the argument
sensitivity help
big mouse pad like me but wait, i have big arms since i go to the gym so this might be a factor, if you have lanky or normal person arms buy a medium one, i only have a big one because my massive arms...
Norwegians come here
he looks like harold edit: this guy
My Thread is in video
wtf, youre famous, when you get those 32k month checks dont forget about me)))
glo up? what even?
Norwegians come here
im serious hahaha that old mens)))) so funny, i cant stop laughing at how i didnt understand what he was saying hahahaha
Dead Interview
mibr coach boring? wtf, i always found that guy funny but i guess in english not so much?
Norwegians come here
ahahahaha so funny, wtf hahaha cant stop laughing now, what the fuck xD, what did you do to me? hahaha :)
Cold height
can confirm he is 1,57, i met him when i was at niko sister's house in april, yeah, i know his sister, in fact, we are close friends and im thinking of making a move, yeah, i know, im about to date a ...
Dead Interview
what do you mean by dead interview? do you think the interview was boring or what?
Big fans come here
na metric system >>> eu confusing system
Cold height
coldzera is 1,50 something cm, btw, stop using that stupid na metric system