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Cologne EU predictions ?
Its true but , it will be even funnier if he guesses right
NaVi owner bought hotel
Fair enough then , hopefully it will be used in the right way then although its one of those investments that there wont be profit in short term but it can always be sold for smth else if it doesnt wo...
NaVi owner bought hotel
Thats very cool to build the scene up and help the country if there are big tourneys around, also it will be a good place for teams to bootcamp for longer (1-2 months) , the uncertain thing is if the ...
How am I supposed to tell my parents
Just add that u gonna use condom so they wont react too bad
Illuminar vs FATE
So fkin ez for Liquid
ESL One Cologne boring now ?
Yeah BIG will probably win it or at least top2 and for NA its a random winner
Why hasnt CS died yet?
Because it was the first revolutionary shooter that hooked everyone from day 1 , its simple and amaZing in the same time
Its nice to see that they are having fun together, zywho top1 again
They re doing alright in the situation they re
I just ended Witcher 3 with both DLCs
I saw this comment before
Make a team with most ego on it
NiKo S1mple BlameF Random UK semi-pro NeO
I just ended Witcher 3 with both DLCs
U wont regret it , also play red dead redemption 2 if u havent , best game created ever
I just ended Witcher 3 with both DLCs
There are a few mods which makes the fighting like in the E3 demo which fixed this issue with it
S1mple + Electronic new team?
It was just as an example
I just ended Witcher 3 with both DLCs
Such a great game , the only issue is a slow start, it will take u a good 5-10 hours until u get into it but once this world is available for u then its amaZing