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G2 so unlucky cant belive
hahahah love the sarcasm
G2 so unlucky cant belive
Gambit is a better than G2 we dont need to be delusional, right now the only way G2 to proceed to finals are if they dont meet them in semis or quarters or if they play their A game and every one is o...
we shall see, i just wanna see G2 win something for once
0-7 already, i m realist bro, no need for fake hope, but yeah there is a a small hope because hop is the last thing to die
its already 2-0 for Gambit mentally, G2 are not confident in their map pool what so ever , very disappointed in the team
Battlefield 2042
Battlefield 3
Battlefield 2042
thats the most hyped moment that player did to a player and inspired the whole franchise to add this to their actual trailer, u clearly dont understand battlefield franchise
sun is #1
because naturally tan makes u look better
faze kennys possible?
At this point i would keep broky,twizz and karrigan(bc there is no better igl in the scene) and completely change the roles around
just be quiet kid, nobody asked about ur delusional opinion which itself sounds ridiculous
mouz will destroy G2 today
i will be realist and it will be like 55% - 45% in favor of G2, last 3 times g2 took the win but now its different bc both of the teams are rested and will play their best cs, mouz looks sharp and mig...
what is happening to Na'Vi?
Because they have never played Akuma before and got uspet, also probably they are in a safe position for the major standings as well
Jamppi 75%
he is coming back regardless how big is he and he is gonna destroy everyone :((