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Marrying a muslim grill
Shit me too, I have a whole chapter of notes to take, and Im reading this horseshit thread.
Which player do you call "onliner" most?
Its getting pretty obvious that you aren't an israeli.
Providing a counter arguement isn't an attack on England
This is 100 percent true, yet problems are relative for the people who get to employ mr. Mohamed and his children there is no problem whatsoever, for the common man in competition with immigrants it i...
You just got baited mens see you soon!
Hello mens) rate my friend
What a beautiful women))))
Wrong, universal healthcare isn't happening in the near future. The american healthcare is so profitable that they could bribe all of Congress with ease and the House with ease. Bernie sanders is not ...
Are majors getting worse.
Im sorry are you telling me what Im talking about you dipshit? You went from saying I was baiting to saying what I am referring to as if you know the meaning of my words better than me. I said that th...
Are majors getting worse.
You think there is an objective consensus to the quality of what is essentially a show that people watch, Berlin major had lower viewer count likely becuase NA fangays like you were too busy crying on...
guys should i go for this girl
If her name is "this girl" idk man you might have some issues.
Are majors getting worse.
You are actually dumb enough to think I care about the viewer count? I like what I like you dumbass. Go eat some grass and kale like the sheep you are.
Are majors getting worse.
Flair and flag checks out, just the fact that both Katowice and Berlin made my fellow burger fangays so mad is another reason they were both so enjoyable.
Obviously they say these things because it makes you seethe so much .
I just hope youre baiting.