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Henlo mens why TF are you here
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Valve is up to something
+1 https://blog.counter-strike.net/index.php/2019/06/24545/ also it's an community contest, so no Valve owned skins, also do I think they're going to payout a very reasonable amount of money to the pe...
Valve is up to something
https://blog.counter-strike.net/index.php/2019/06/24545/ FYI
Valve is up to something
They're busy making a 20yr case, maybe go read some actual legit news on CS instead of making assumptions and trusting on every 0iq HLTV User to give you 'right' info
"kid" as an insult
+1 always the same
faceit PREMIUM queue
Why TF does everyone have shite experiences, I've never experienced anything shitty in Faceit prem. Maybe you should not be toxic and just win the game to get that Faceit beheiviour index up, if you g...
Well or he must've said something really bad
your weirdest fear
Big fucking spiders, also Scorpions are pretty scary
Lol wtf men, J.E. visited your profile nice)))
faceit help
2 hours
elsa jean best scenes?
NT 0/8. DO NOT POST PORN LINKS, get you banned for about a week
Nt Prodka
Leuke naam, pass the joint dan
Coldzera using drugs
And this just explained his whole attidude the past few months, nice job Fakezera
Actually thinking of killing myself
Dude I've had these these feelings, but man it's NOT worth it! Remember what you'll leave behind, also life has never been so dark or light has prevailed again. I've had a lot of experiences regarding...
Acceptable playtime for LE?
That will. forever, be a secret to you mens)))
Acceptable playtime for LE?