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FaZe vs NiP
If u are good whan u achive, and whan u dont achive now u are bad? It is more mental battle in players, and motiv to play. and som times other teams play better than you that day. There is now 15 team...
G2 vs NiP
G2 was completely surprised how NIP played mirage .. G2 need to be more flexible in the game. when G2 playd ct passively they are completely outplayed with bombs and smoke, and when they go more aggre...
FaZe vs NiP
You think faze was not good team before? Or you worship teams that play best cs right now, at this moment?!
FaZe vs NiP
There is 10 teams now that play best cs. Some can do that more then other teams.... Faze was good team befor so it is not come back, it is just u cant win all times there is at least 9 teams that can ...
G2 vs fnatic
Everyone looks like idiots when they shooting through smoke, only flush kills two from the middle of the map at the other end of the map through smoke...
NiP vs G2
Take away awp from device and astralis and u think they wil play on same level? NOP
Heroic vs Natus Vincere
Yes! I agree..
Heroic vs Natus Vincere
Not kick, this is not problem... Problem is that I've often seen simple overreact, which has a negative impact on teammates. He needs to feel how to get the best out of his teammates, since his reacti...
Heroic vs CR4ZY
They have good day.. simple!
Heroic vs CR4ZY
Crazy lost 5 from 6 pistol round..
Heroic vs CR4ZY
Heroic is better . But! Crazy have good day today. And we could see heroic lose against letni and co!! to bad they have to play right after so deficult match and anather one is to much!....
G2 vs Windigo
Windigo cant win... We are going to se if G2 now can make strong team ...
Astralis vs North
Jugi 4 kils, he dont belive in him self.. uninstal cs!
G2 vs Windigo
The question is how to make a compatible team!?. I think the crazy team should have replaced letn1 with one solid player, and they would be in a lot of tournaments in 1/2 final. Now they have quality...
fnatic vs Vitality
F vs V / ab > vh