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Faze probleme on T side is can t anti-strat double awp so they execute maybe bobsite A like 4 times and couldn t anti strat them WTFFFF!!!!!

shox is very trickery. also plot to G2 org.
made fake news "part way with shox" . that's why expensive .
vitality so hurry and naive. haha
real wolf is shox

are you you fuck are

For zywoo in this year is aimbot its very strange but mouz know this game zywoo performance and they know when he has aimbot and they laugh about this game and his aimbot. I think in this year he has also sometimes aimbot

Ooof flag checks out ! Low IQ spotted.

the blamef have wall cheaters like he is have muscle cheaters with esteroide when go do the gyms


woxic | Turkey
hahahahahaha kennyShit need hack to win vs w0xic
ugly fucker french look like dog get fuck in ass ahahahaha fucker noob

map control best fnatic and feeling food lol not vac

Change your trash flair if you want me to reply to you. Thanks.

Undeserved, racist cheater is #1 of the world... This is not acceptable.

how old are u, one time u pass 30 time is more worth some egoboosting bullshit

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s1mple |
United Kingdom

rape him

boy clicking the hell out them keys

You are the guy who thinks he is smart if he denies matchfix.Well, you are just dumb and most likely poor.

Wankers pro player
1. Boombla - known wanker on hentai, people found shit tons of hentai on his vk page (russian social network), also imagine having sex with that belly
2. Flamie - he got autism because of wanking
3. Electrnoic - look at his baby face, also has fat and disgusting acne
4. s1mple - well everything can be seen on his face, maybe he has gf, but he keeps wanking on porn for sure
5. MSL - lost his hair because of wanking, also looks 60 yo at 23

Why u so mad about that KEKW. Did he do something to you. French baguette vs British slave LETS goooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

swolepetrol cheat noob
all peoples is knows FURIA this players
who fuck is the swolepetrol?
always no name no name NA team all game use the wall cheat aim cheat

Take you are a ever achieved to italy? myself take, it the quite house to went with. Myself were on sorrento, only the across bay for napoli. Our having that view for mount vesuvius originate our hotel

Seriously if i could deny the existince of one country it would be the uk. I would love to live in an alternate universe where the england would have been conquered by france or the wikings or anything else early on in history, i don't really care how it would have happened but a world where the uk never would have been a thing.
there are so many incredibly bad things coming from the uk. just imagine how the world would have been without the the uk and the usa, to many people could have lived in peace and harmony all over the world.
the three major exports the uk had to offer in theire history where imperialism, football and harry potter, i hate all of these three things this much, it's evil.
i hate the queen i hate the beatles i hate english food, and i hate imperialism, how bad can a nation be to conquer half of the world are you insane? the uk is a country without any culture even by german standards and i even hate the language (i don't care about grammar and spelling mistakes in this post, i'm not sorry, i'm actually gonna wash my hands right after writing this because i wrote so many words in this goddamn language)
i hope so much that the fall of the united kingdom is gonna continue, that scotland and wales get independent, that ireland is gonna be united again, that the us is gonna break apart in endless civil war or something and that london get conquered by iceland and gets a name that no english person ever can say correctly, Löndönjafjallajökull for example.

Have a nice day


Now they 2-0 astralis and even win on nuke Where the fuck are u crubabies now? "Owww this map advantage and map pick is unfair for g2" No idiots it was mathematically unfair for astralis and now u even see g2 couldve won hahahhaha fucking low iq noobs

very nice idea....we wait to all germans .....come in turkey ....nice sea....sunny....beach....

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s1mple |
United Kingdom

still more productive members of society than any german, germans only good for dying in wars and losing like bots

I only choose JESUS CHRIST.

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