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He's like the NA flusha, not neccessarly special statisticaly but any team hes on gets boosted another tier. Albeit hes been on C9 for a while now I think he needs a new environment to be free, especi...
Complexity vs eUnited
IGL on eUnited is making them look really fucking coordinated good shit
I break any team*
Liquid -Elige -nitr0(igl leader will break team NAF toxic and Twistzz ego will clash EG -Brehze -Cerq
I break any team*
already terrible but -mixwell -koosta or autimatic and its gg keep tenz
I break any team*
-facecrack -xsepower
Cloud9 vs eUnited
God cooper
TenZ vs oBo vs s0m
hes played lan events with atk though....
How old were you when you got your first phone?
13-14 but got a minute phone at 12
Acne boys come here
"This only works for non severe cases , if it's really bad than going to a dermatologist is probably the smartest idea." 100% agreed, currently i'm getting a second wave of acne(17 rn) which is 100% w...
Acne boys come here
Wrong, hot water is good yes, but it can exhaust the face if you take really hot showers every day. Whats recommended is to take a warm(not hot) shower than for the last 5 minutes make it cold and bef...
Most likeable players and coaches
pasha's movement is trash in game, always disliked him because of these even though its trivial
Complexity on the come up, Steel making new roster, and eUnited hopefully going to make a comeback. EPL Americas will show
Triangle CSGO
Agree with everything but in any grand final situation Liquid>All they play off confidence/hype and although EG is taking over their is still plenty of Liquid fans out there.
Stewie top 1 Awp NA
NAF's awp is the best out of all of them tbh
Top 10 IGL in csgo
Suprised noone has said steel yet, even though he hasent achieved much hes brought up a lot of teams from down under. iBUYPOWER run was great(Not all him though), Torqued had a good few runs and his p...