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I like your username
Teacher Salary in your country
you are probably correct
Teacher Salary in your country
Ton of vacation days is a bit misleading. My working hours during teaching time is 50 to 70 usually due to teaching, preparing lessons, preparing and marking exams, meetings, meeting parents etc. Som...
Teacher Salary in your country
3500 to 4000 € 7th grade to high school. Elementary school 1st to 6th grade maybe 2800 to 3500 € (not sure)
+18 Finnish Media/judicial system
I don't quite agree. It is easy to avoid online harassment to an extent. That is true. But is it fair to force someone from a hobby she/he really enjoys (gaming/streaming)? Is it fair to force someone...
+18 Finnish Media/judicial system
I haven't been bullied, and I am not especially emotional about this. Being insulted is a bit different than the behaviour described in the article. More than 2 years of continuous harassment, methodi...
+18 Finnish Media/judicial system
No. People have become excessively mean.
+18 Finnish Media/judicial system
That's exactly the attitude I meant. Perfect example of school bullying type of talk. Because of THIS attitude, the bullying is there and it is being accepted as "normal", which it is not.
+18 Finnish Media/judicial system
This kind of comments belittle the said behaviour. It is never okay to give s**t to anybody, no matter how "irritating" someone finds a person. Besides, continuous harassment for years? That is in no ...
+18 Finnish Media/judicial system
this attitude lets it continue, just saying. Why should this kind of idiocy be tolerated? It doesn't matter where this behaviour happens, it is still not right. I'm glad she sued them and won.
Finland -200 IQ
Yes. Everyone in Finland.
Jamppi Lawsuit
Who actually owned the account? Jamppi or the one who paid for it? Mom or Dad? I'm not totally sure if this is about the game licence or the Steam account anyway. If I pay for something I own it ri...
Jamppi Lawsuit
I almost agree, although I think "pro" -> permaban in any case because they should be the example for others. any tournament cheating as "not pro yet" should give a ban of 2 years or similar (as comp...