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Timothy "Twofaced" Toledo
I’ve been drinking coffee for years, Daily amount 2-5 mugs. Still alive.
Teach me something...
That was his theory.
Teach me something...
According to general relativity gravity is not a force. The effect we feel as gravity is instead a product of warped space-time.
Your ancestry?
Grandparents 1: Karelia (on Russian side of border nowadays) Grandparents 2: Totally Finnish Finnish?
rank the races you disrespect the most
are gay ppl nicer than the average person?
Just like heterosexuals.
the feeling when mom comes in and
I know, I just thought you’d like to know before that happens
the feeling when mom comes in and
It would take time to translate. Mom walks in son’s room, and tells son how awesome he is with his AWP, been following the games for ages, and so proud. And would it be possible for the son to go sign...
the feeling when mom comes in and
Quite so.
boombl4 TANK 2.0
Type 2 possible, true.
boombl4 TANK 2.0
For real, or a rumour?
It sounds like a lot, but the European countries are quite close and they are small. Easy to visit several countries at one go.
Sweden Norway Denmark Germany Belgium Luxembourg Netherlands France Italy Switzerland Austria Liechtenstein Spain South-Africa China United States United Kingdom (just London) Finland of course. Mig...
Ban Pitbulls
You’re right. That’s what I wrote. If I remember right, dachshund is considered most aggressive. I might be wrong here. Dangerous sausages.