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What the fuck u saying? Also stop caps
Best country
Finland has ONE OF THE BEST education systems in the world. Not THE BEST. Sure we do not have yale or harward, but here everyone gets the basic education and all the same possibilities to uni/college.
To all Ence fans:
To all Ence fans:
I rly liled ence, but cannot respect this shitshow. Deserved for renegades, and not even joking
All the respect for renegades. Ence was total shitshow
To all Ence fans:
No ence played so poorly. Deserved win for renegades
There are non. Ence is has played so poorly.
To all Ence fans:
0 but ence has played like a fucking garbage dumb. All respect for renegades. Deserved win
Ence is playing sp badly right now. If renegades wins, it is deserved.
WiFi speed?
Its about what kind of connection you are buying. U cannot get high speeds if you are not paying for them
Trump supporters
Sauli is good for me thanks
first OS you used?
I believe windows 2000 when i was 5 could have been xp tho. But first os in my own computer (laptop) was XP and first PC it was Win7
-1 on doesnt succeed in anything. +1 doesnt succeed in cs
usa best in...
Ofc, same here. Col/uni whatever are priority, buy our unis are almost at yhe same level as yours. Yes we dont have harward ect, but finnish uni graduates are highly appreciated arround the world
Europeans come here
Beautiful landscape, prolly good food (i want texbbq) but ppl are bit too blind to their own country.