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election hype thread
no hope!! PLQ + BQ + NDP = more than 170 seats
Learning french
Yes. You're welcome. Good luck with your project
Learning french
When you're trying to write in french, you can use "Antidote" from Druide. It corrects you on Word and explains what and why you did wrong. Pretty useful and well made.
Canadians Come Here
... i don't think this could finish in a mutually beneficial discussion, but you should learn from Nauru Island, it's important to have a diversified economy.
Canadians Come Here
Wow, i'm impressed to see you're so proud to claim being an egotistical ass*ole. As it's clear that you don't even see them as a part of our country or even human beings that have the right to live wi...
Canadians Come Here
Why should i go for someone who can just spell "O-I-L" for economy when it's already hard to keep this business open? All taxes cut he gives come from services he shuts down and he seems to think that...
Canadians Come Here
Yeah, NPD has some good ideas, but i think they will have troubles 'cause quebecers seems to go back to the Bloc Quebecois... it's sad
Canadians Come Here
It is the federal elections yes, but we had 10 years of a conservative government that choose to go with oil business excusively and shut down a lot of other development (they still want to do that). ...
Canadians Come Here
How could a sane person cheer for a leader from Middle Ages in 2019?
zywoo top 1 2019
More likely : https://www.hltv.org/stats/players?startDate=2019-01-01&endDate=2019-12-31&matchType=BigEvents
Wtf vitality
Yeah, Heroic noobs that just won 12 of their 13 last BO3 vs Vitality on their perma ban...
Climate change
Hydroelecticity has a local pollution for the fishes in the reservoir (just don't eat them), and it generate green electricity from north-east Canada to New-York
Voting in Canada (newbie)
Just go with https://votecompass.cbc.ca/canada/ You answer what you want for each question and it will tell you who is the one you should go with. There's always a vote compass to help people decide...
Greta hate
I just say you need a controversy ..... Having a young atypical girl to oppose old powerful men is sure to launch debates all over. I don't know if she's manipulated and neither do you. Teens days a...
Hating on Greta
Man it hurts! Lucky for us, we're open to immigration so you can help us improve by saying the world is a nice pink place where everything is under control.