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Lekr0 joins Dignitas
Now get cheater flusha!
Upsets galore on day one of DreamHack Masters Spring open qualifier
Imagine having only open qualifiers, how diverse the field would be. Instead the same teams as alaways get invites. Unlucko.
Story behind your name
Its Lil Kim because I couldnt choose Kim. My normal nickname is Kim.
Story behind your name
I once watched 3D.Rambo play with an alt nick 3D.Kim in 1.6. Since then, I somehow liked that name a lot and I just adopted it. And I just like the name, probably gonna name my child Kim.
mousesports target dexter, acoR
Top5 team
kRYSTAL transferred to ALTERNATE aTTaX
ScrunK wasnt IGL?
DreamHack Open January dates and qualifiers announced
RIP NA 4 teams
mirbit to leave ALTERNATE aTTaX
Maybe go to 9INE?
IEM Katowice 2021 to be played without an audience
Snow Sweet Snow tournament series unveiled with $300,000 prize pool
Relog Media should save NA!
Chaos confirm plan to exit CS:GO
I agree that I think right now, no Esport title is profitable. Just look at those balances or annual reports of fnatic, G2 and the liked. They all gather huge losses! The only profitable Esport org is...
He's Bosnian, probably grandparents were Ottomens...
Liquid replace Evil Geniuses at IEM Global Challenge
Ok but TL travelled to EU the same day EG announced they won't attend.. so why could TL travel and EG couldnt a week or two weeks ago?
Liquid replace Evil Geniuses at IEM Global Challenge
They travelled to Europe when EG said they couldnt... so whats your point?