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will do, nothin yet #WARDIAZ love the diaz bros
lmao watch out for that karma bro, u may not care about a ban.. shit comes full circle w this type of ignorant bs and i wish the worst on you.
Vitality will never be nr 1
troll more or find help whichever floats your already sinking boat take off that american flag you are an embarrassment to NA CS knowledge who is a kio fan LAWLZ +MENSssssSS
Vitality will never be nr 1
why are u bringing up a 2 time major winner from years back? What has he done in this game the last 3 years? Nothing but get kicked and not wanted.. rofl Why u got kio down your throat so deeply ma...
Vitality will never be nr 1
Carried cloud9 to what? His short stint in c9 was when flusha was there and autimatic, both of which did a shit ton more than Kio while in c9. Kio is a prick no1 wants to play with and hes not good ...
xizt finally benched?
the fact xist is on a pro team makes me not understand life in general, ive never seen even CLOSE to a player on a pro team that fucking bad like literally theres a tier 8 IGL in the middle of Kenya ...
Bernie REKT trump
If you think bernie is a better candidate than trump, which means you fall in bernies demographic your age is actually more likely to be 18-25 Sorry you dislike facts :/
Bernie REKT trump
rofl bernie its funny ppl think trump wont win again. bernie is fuckin two feet from his casket dude he cant even health wise run as president not to mention Are you a socialist or wait your a teen...
+1 Device's gf is already all of ours
Flusha's career is over?
His mother died and he took a break, dumb ass
Sexual orientation and your race....not the same rofl jesus christ i hope ur trolling me and not this dumb if i have to explain this, You are far too ignorant to converse on such a topic.
Im pretty sure you didnt just compared the two, or did you? Wow, what a dumb ass kid. You just compared the N word to the word faggot.. U dont even know how much every black person hates u now hahah...
simple doesnt need twitch id never go back on and cut all ties fuck twitch fuck u weirdos who want to take away freedom of speech cus your into anal sex w dudes, get the fuck on no1 cares fucking w...
s1mple banned for being GOAT
the german is telling us about how to be a people person, IMAGINE THAT HAHHAHAHHAAH
edwards only fan speaks