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Valve unban swag please
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TL Autimatic soon?
the people that called tarik and stew snakes actually didnt know the real situation. Skadoodle, based off of other c9 members, wanted out of the team for some time, even before they got the Major win....
Latvia and Lithuania explain
Mouz /close
Latvia and Lithuania explain
ty Ropz, good luck in budget FaZe
zAAz >
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I edited the response, turns out there were 2 matches of NaVi vs BIG, on the second one kane was also trash but not that much
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Today I will run 1600m (4 laps of full track)
Ah okay, just remember to warm up before the run
Today I will run 1600m (4 laps of full track)
Thats a lot?
Tarik cheating?
from comments: Jexu Setä pirms 3 mēnešiem @Dark yeah its edited, that outline of the terorist is from a wrong angle and its bigger than it should be. I think its a nice troll tho, if tarik doesn't min...
[video] Igor "gr0wl" Lamantsev
gr0wl > s1mple
i describe your favorite player in one sentence
Girl problem
Oh wow, that doesn't look good and the outcome probably won't be any good either. Looks like he just got unlucky and sticked his dick into a crazy chick or well she is just too young to grasp the real...
Swole patrol 2.0
Actually RNG would be a nice option for Wardell and the team, grat is way too inconsistent
Girl problem
How old is the girl? But +1 to #44 as I dont think its a good idea to get involved in this, only asa moral support for your friend, but anything other than that, I would stay away from trying to get i...
Girl problem
he is a hltv user, of course his ding dong is small