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RIP the legend https://www.hltv.org/news/29160/swag-quits-competitive-csgo

A user from the greatest Baltics nation - Latvia. I am a 50/50 shitposter as when it is needed, I can actually give a reasonable opinion or advice to someone asking if his dick is big enough or how would I rate this IG girl.

HLTV user Greatest_of_all_goats said my IQ is 7/8, so you might aswell not even try to argue with me, I will own you.
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olof not being missed ?
Im referring to what you said now: "get right it just comes across as insecure. get right interviews are extremely uncomfortable.," Pretty much how I felt seeing/hearing him in the last couple of year...
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LOL okay 0/8
olof not being missed ?
for real, olof has a lot more charisma than GTR, especially since GTR has showed such a beta male mentality lately
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Haven't talked to him, so can't compare.
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are you braindead? seems like it
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lol ok dude, you do you
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https://www.hltv.org/stats/players/8183/rain?startDate=2020-04-30&endDate=2020-07-31 ? Also in a team like FaZe, the biggest problem is the teamplay and structure, rather than rain and Bymas for exam...
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He did play good these last couple of tournaments, so he maybe is going back to his old form or maybe he has a mindset change or something else changed in the team
OP is a kid probably, dude hasn't worked a single hour in his life and talks about burnout lmao
Rio Mayor?
It probably won't happen in BR if the situation will still be this bad there, probably will just move to another place where an event would have usually happened in the similar time frame.
Starladder Berlin Major
Its true about team learning about Liquids style, but TL had enough time to throw in a curveball and change their game up a little bit. Astralis did benefit a lot tho by not playing many games previou...
Starladder Berlin Major
Yes, I am saying that it "should have been NRGs major" and the player break is just a petty excuse.
nt s1mple, keep on baiting.
Starladder Berlin Major
Actually NRG deserved it way more than TL, they played a lot better.