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I love making reply chains with 1iquser :flushed: #nohomo
Best users:
1. me
2. my alt #1
3. my alt #2
4. my alt #3
5 1iquser

The difference is, at least in practice, that allu is always doing something new, and trying to make something new up. With Aleksib we just tried to play default and did the same executes all over again, so that's how it's different with allu - always trying something new.

Karrigan's next day morning - Roleplay Style
- Alarm clock rings at 9 am; Let's go to the gym;
- On his way, feels something almost bothering but not quite, like he had a small pea on sweat pants pocket;
- He stops, look inside the pocket, deep down and asks "You still there Hunden? Wtf man! Come out! You have a lifetime of achievments... 28 years 1 major played and 1 lan trophy. You're great..."
- Frozen passes by... Asking Karrigan: "wth r u talking about? you are 29 years old, 13 major played and 15 lan trophies!!"
- Karrigan wide open his eyes, like saying : "WTF MAN. Just stfu"
- Looks down to Hunden trying to confort him... fail as Hunden was even deeper on his pocket almost invisible.
- Skips gym and go back to play book...
The End

im 189cm 102kg 15bodyfat u fucking animal. u would KO your ugly soy face from one my finger u fkin animal. sit down bitch and suck my big irish balls u fkin animal. i fucked your all family and the only who left is you fucking cottom picker. lay down and i will fuck you like your mother u ugly soy boy boomer or stfu and go eat burgers zero testosterone monkey

Autimatic is proof to me that God doesn't exist. How can someone be so good with everything? Not to mention he looks like Godfrey Gao, is cute as fuck and could have been an engineer if he wanted. But he just had to go into csgo, dick on everyone and ruin everyones faith in God. Thank you Autimatic

is it me or is faze a bit of a boring team
like u see it at the end of the year
"oh wow faze has 32 kicks"
but u can never remember them.
can u remember a single faze kick?
but try ence...u can see the kick
i remember an ence kick

As you all know many of the most intelligent people always end up committing suicide. I too am like this. I have 150 IQ and i find it so easy to understand so much about the world that its depressing. Most of you probably dont even notice or think about these things but i understand them to a science. My intelligence is a great barrier to my happiness. I wish i could be reborn average like most of you on this site. everyone with a sub 100 IQ doesnt understand how lucky they are.

Fallen "Twofaced" Toledo was a sniper for team Liquid from May 11th 2020 to present day. Toledo was most known for his outdated in game leadership and his sniping capabilities matching Christian "Sixer" Liu.

These girls at epicenter (referees or whatever they calls) so cute. Why in other countries orgs using ugly dudes?! Imaging taking one them to my apartment on my mercedes and hit her with my bdsm leather cord till she starts begging me stop my lord then I drink viagra and we having sex all night so she miss tomorrows matches and everyone “where is that cutie?!” and all of a sudden she appears on wheelchair coz she cant walk after having all night sex with me.

why sign bymas?
meyern yes is shit noob but he good big name on SA seen bymas? what fuck this kid noname is? coldzera niko dezerve no the shits players idiot kid

why is this team being invited to high tier tournaments? Who tf are in the team even? Who tf is Alex? i know NBK. valde and issa heard off, and never heard of Alex and Mantuu. This is rigged. Noob OG team, rigged for Dota 2. Why can't OG just buy the Gamer Legion lineup?


2iquser good but not best(1iquser best)


Shoutout to neirax#5555 in discord

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