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Top Ten Best Players of All Time (CS:GO)
Top Ten Best Players of All Time (CS:GO) God please nuke slovakia... trash country with sub 50 iq subhumans
Top 10 most impactful players/coaches
kill yourself subhuman, astralis were tier4 with zonic untill gla1ve came in
Top Ten Best Players of All Time (CS:GO)
low iq ape bandera supporter cant realize that these tops arent about individual skill only... hope your family dies in front of you
Top Ten Best Players of All Time (CS:GO)
no offense but you and your family deserve to get killed for your stupidity.
Top Ten Best Players of All Time (CS:GO)
newfags like you should never make lists devices 2nd place is 10x more valuable than olofs and coldzera's #1 spots COMBINED, its been confirmed by the guy who makes rankings olof nowadays is the big...
'it's navi fail that they beat astralis in semis not in final?' lmfao navi got fucked to death with their families and children by astralis in EVERY final they played. the only reason they beat them ...
faze won finals against: astralis, mouz, navi (top1, top4, top2 at that time) navi won finals against: VP (AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAA), NRG (LOL), BIG (LOL), and NiP (kek) no matter how you look at it fa...
thats because navi has 2x less maps played against top5 teams lol
faze has won 3x more tier1 tournaments
probably thats why you cant show me a final where they beat a tier1 team lol dumb scum i wish stepan bandera had killed your family and dog in front of you
navi is trash you dumb fanboy, they get fucked to death by literally every top5 team every time they meet in finals. can only beat vp and nrg
u didnt even have PC back in 2015 lol dumb kid
dunno what your problem is, olof has been one of the biggest clowns for every year except of 2015 where he abused tec9
TOP 1 No meaning
those two missing teams were #1 and #2 at that time, it was a tier2 event at best