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RIP TheJuan, murdered by his evil twin... JuanThe
i will miss you bro, descanse em paz

Banned a total of 5 times and counting
Got banned for riveting things such as:
-Calling frankie cute and saying she should be the pet of hltv
-Posting a copypasta

-Karrigan will win a major
-Admins hate me

Things about me:
-Frozen is no longer my wife, we are now divorced and i have a beautiful boyfriend
-Alcoholic since 16
-Actual coffee addict, not fun
-I will beat TheJuan

I have turned on Sports mode, i've had enough forums for a lifetime i'm afraid
Forum posts
2019 = worst top 20......worst cs year....so boring
shut up, you are unworthy of my time, retard
sergej wasn't that good
he was a puppet men)) trust me hes reminds me of WorldEdit when B1ad3 was the IGL
2019 = worst top 20......worst cs year....so boring
he's dumb and is thinking of 2017-early 2018
2019 = worst top 20......worst cs year....so boring
flag checks out
you understand nothing about CSGO
USA logic?
definetely not LOL Brazil has racism but saying we're worse than the US is just plain stupid
coldzera top 15
not enough, i'm afraid Cold hasn't had any solid runs outside Blasts and IEM Beijing
USA logic?
segregation they want to see the black communities as different from them, simple as that rarely in brazil black people are called afro americans, they are usually just people as we are
MIBR TOP 1 2020
who cars mibr should disband
really? who's the master mind behind the great strats and tactics and positioning of the players? is it ChrisJ that only managed one tournament win on Mouz for a billion years, both as a player and as...
what about it? Astralis started winning not because Karrigan was such a liability, they started winning because gla1ve was a good IGL and Kjaerbye was fucking outstanding. Karrigan is still an amazing...
mm yes they have
Jugi does deserve a hefty kick
Broky shows promise yeah, maybe coming instead of Olof is the better option but i don't see FaZe removing him, NiKo and rain like him a lot it seems
baitzera finally out of top 20
old outdated lazy all of these are traits of your "joke"