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top 3 hardest games
1. Path of Exile >>>Free to play and no pay wall 2. Shapez.io >>>4.9€, and big a good demo is accessible on the website 3. Noita >>> 12.4€ it's time to burn your head !
NBK transitions to VALORANT
Long live to NBK & thank you for your investissment ! even if on my side it is as if he announced his involvement in esport on Unicorn Princess
XTQZZZ on signing Kyojin: "The only hard and painful moment was telling RpK he was being benched"
That was a good interview, thank Vita, Xtqzz and 1PVCS and thank's HLTV to coordinate with locals !
Top 20 players of 2020: Introduction
yeah it's definitely not linked with the fact that Zywoo has played more for the team this year :D It's true that having a team that works with veterans and rookies we see that every day
Top 20 players of 2020: Introduction
Yeah and why Zywoo have a better team ?
I have the ultimate answer: Clone Zywoo. That's it. You can close this discussion. Have a nice day everyone, F.
Zywoo Top 1 2020?
S1mple just continue to carry his team, when Zywoo support it more. Do not forget that it is a teamplay game, and that Zywoo complements perfectly with the others, when at Navi it seem that it goes b...
Top 20 players of 2019: s1mple (2)
ZywOo: "I didn't think I would have a year like this one"
Too much porridge makes you sensitive.
ZywOo: "I didn't think I would have a year like this one"
"Nice english" ? :D How many french people did you meet outside the game ? Please come before it wouldn't be possible apart by taking a life raft to land on our shores, or by passing a full palpated c...
ZywOo TOP 1
Did you notice that you're making differences like in football there is a versus Messi/Ronaldo ? Mind that : In statistic: Global > Specific Players goals > Being a champion What's the pleasure of b...