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I fix all top 40 teams
First of all I said "in my opinion" so don't get offended dude and secondly.... Tabsen can call as well u know? He already did it in NRG and he also helps Gob sometimes.... And the fact that u even co...
I fix all top 40 teams
The best solution in my opinion would be: k1to nex (but wrist problems....) tabsen Syrson Tizian Coach: Gobb And Xantaress is obviously a good player but it just doesnt work atm...
Liquid Era
I am Supreme in mm and faceit lvl 6, so what do you mean? Ofc i wanna see those highlight clips, since its very entertaining... Astralis always plays the savest way possible. They position themselves ...
Liquid Era
Hoepfully, Astralis era destroyed the competitive scene... Even the viewer numbers were pretty high in this final..... At least Liquid finals are not as boring as Astralis finals....
LIQUID unlikeable
Nah, would actually be good for the scene if NA wins :)
Forest fires germany
Cheers my man, just drank water bc of your name. U reminded me of staying hydrated. Ty <3
Forest fires germany
Just suck in all the leafes with a vacuum cleaner.... GG WP
Turkish FANS LUL
Twsitzz had more impact, facts... And ur comment is pretty stupid. Ur actually sucking woxics dick?
Turkish FANS LUL
But I think there was no turkish viewer who didnt vote for Woxic.... And for me Twistzzz had far more impact than Woxic overall (KAST proves that)
Vitality vs Sprout
Maybe k1to and syrson can win 2 vs 6 ?
Astralis vs Liquid
magisk, lul :D
Spirit vs Movistar Riders
I cheered for Sprout last match but now I hope that MSR will take this. They fought so well and i wish them only the best in this match :)
Movistar Riders vs Sprout
Ez For K1to and Syrson :)
Movistar Riders vs Sprout
easiest game of k1tos life
AGO vs Sprout