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holy shit tier1000 sense of humor not to sound too cringe-worthy but i wish retarded shit like this entertained me. life must be so amazing that way
you can maybe find temporary motivation but you will soon see there is no point just have to accept that at some point, or delude yourself enough into believing there is a point
mibr 5th leaked by pro player
Twitch CEO and his twitch girls
this point has been made 1000 times. everyone is aware of it. threads like this arent helpful at all other than to continue the circle jerk. there are actual helpful ways you could solve the problem
Twitch CEO and his twitch girls
although twitch is clearly in the wrong, this has become one of those topics that people constantly complaining about it are more annoying than the wrongdoing itself do we really need 5000 tweets and...
Twitch CEO and his twitch girls
Underwear brand
+1 they ride up a bit sometimes but 9/10 nibbas wearing fruit of the loom and hanes tier100 underwear wearers
me before starting gym
girls are overrated.. i kiss like 5 girls or something mens, and there is not a single one that I don't regret wasting that time with them
me before starting gym
dont be discouraged by retards like jixxah and GoodPointWellArgued, this is a nice post and im excited for update eat lots too mens(( gym will truly change ur life
thx man i am an aspiring author and just had to share this story with the world
twitch chat
xqcL ^^^justkiddinglookatyourfuckingschnoze 7777777777777777777777777777777777777 opening parenthesis
twitch chat
be pachent
twitch chat
also, i decided to change the last letter of my printscreen link to d (which goes to the image most previous to mine) and it links to this: WTF lol :DDDD
Spirit = subhumans
please tell us how much
Madvillainy vs Budapest Five I KNEW YOU WAS fkING AROUNDD