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-Stewie2K +who?
i dont really pay attention but its obvious he has been really motivated to work harder and NA has clearly given him a lot more confidence as he said on twitter. i think its worth giving him a shot as...
-Stewie2K +who?
smooya cos he has good work ethic, wants to work in na, needs a chance in t1, proven himself in t2, they need a hype guy, finally would shake up liquid maybe giving them fresh eagerness. many positive...
-Stewie2K +who?
-Stewie +EU AWPER -AdreN +Good coach
How has USA hurt you?
acting as if both weren't in our own self interest
Real top 5
nah ppl saying top 5 are close are either astralis or mouz fans. they just wanna pretend like their close to navi or fnatic, when in actual fact the gap is getting bigger every day
Real top 5
i are agree. idiots will say cos its online this ranking is wrong. and although i agree it should be weighted slightly less its not that big of a difference. maybe it would bridge the gap between navi...
TOP 20 2020 Predictions
1. S1mple - obviously no.1 right now 2. Niko - if s1mple falls down or he significantly steps up then maybe #1 3. Elige - very consistently good player and can just grind stats against EG lmao 4. Rop...
Cause of WW1 and 2?
WW1 - Austria and Serbia. But Germans shouldnt act like their nation didnt want war, nor should Britain or France. WW2 - Obviously Jermans
shut up redditor scum
1 - FNC 2015 2 - FaZe vs SK era was really fun 3 - Mouz vs Astralis vs Fnatic vs NaVi 4 - Astralis vs Liquid