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how to get out of silver
buy a gn+ account on ebay ez
FAZE_FALLEN secretly the CEO of Bethesda confirmed
Best of Device 2019
i mean if it follows the pattern
Best of Device 2019
top3 2015 top3 2016 top5 2017 top2 2018 top2 2019 top4 2020 top1 2021 top1 2022 (?)
he's baiting my man just look at his name lmao
Device top 1 confirmed
your argument makes no sense since Device has both his usp clip and his awp clip
Device top 1 confirmed
>"It was good, no doubt, but not really a TOP 10 play of the year. The only reason I can think of is that HLTV doesn't want their no.1 player of the year not have a top 10 highlight." >Device 2 top 10...
Does k/d matter?
If everyone had +K/D he wouldn't have 32/16 because some of his kills would've gone to his teammates lmao
nvidia gsync
the difference gsync makes (if any) will be tiny at 240hz+, so leaving it on shouldn't be an issue
nvidia gsync
it's in both usually.
nvidia gsync
there should be an option both in the display's on screen controls and in the nvidia control panel.
nvidia gsync
it's for games which you can't run at a stable 60+ fps, because it can eliminate screen tear from mismatching frame rates
nvidia gsync
at 240 hz you really can't notice either way lmao
nvidia gsync
the thing is it causes added input lag if your FPS exceeds the panel's maximum refresh rate
danger (cancer) zone
I believe the ranks are actually a relative scale, so your ranks depend on how good the people around you are (you can actually derank on wins if people around you are good enough)