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Liquid Moses?
does that makes him good enouigh for a coach? Coaching role isn't only analysing like you said ... obv you are talking about him being mostly analyst?? Coaching role is complex work not only talking a...
Liquid Moses?
yeah WHEN?!?!?! HAHAHAH
Liquid Moses?
casters on Coaching role? Its like asking random fan in football club to be a coach??? LOL Yeah no events and ppl are trying to get some $. We know about Ynk but he was an actual player before so that...
ex-SMASH vs Illuminar
how much bro? your mom knows that you are betting from her moneys?
Endpoint vs ex-SMASH
Imagine playing a tournament and your team decides to not sign with you..but you are on the middle of the game. Typical organisation SMASH nothing new...Sad for those guys
FaZe vs Spirit
fuck that would be really bad luck for him
FaZe vs Spirit
you mean COUCEINE?
FaZe vs Spirit
mir ddosed??!?!?
Bpro vs BIG Academy
spyleader that old idiot is still playing? LOL the worst player ever existed in bulgaria?
you ok homie? all good? did you won? calm down now tell your mom that you can return the moneys
FATE vs Singularity
removing IGL and adding this no namer harn marn... who is the IGL now niki1? this old bot skin trader? LOL typical bulgarian backstabbing shit.
"big is the only reason why i cant win BIG money today smh , won all other bets but this one" cry baby girl learn the game then you can win some bets coz you will lose and SMASH will win this.
You, BETTOR not a guy who understand the game. that's it bye