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Top 5 greatest empires in history
Aztec empire was lit and advanced asf to be in america, came the spaniards and lost:( Also after mexico defeated spain got a massive territory but lost some in central america and alot to USA
eUnited vs Party Astronauts
eZ for MarKe Mexican cs GOAT
Si o que mi autista de mierda Racista fdp
y ppl hate brazil ;'( Im sure like 70% of brazilians that play/watch csgo think or are like that
eUnited vs Hentai Heroes
Singilarity and atk are decent teams they can take a map off eunited but mainly for practice ig
your favorite sport to watch
Boxing is lit asf sometimes with the family when a mexican is fighting that shit be lit
eUnited vs New Identity
You go clean my house i got a brazilian maid she a whore
eUnited vs New Identity
cry boludito marke >> baitzera, kscearto
GOAT opinion
I dont like astralis that much but gotta admit it Device is probably the csgo GOAT Maybe olof can challenge if he wins another major and performs good, faze is a good team they got chances Baitzera to...
best Americas teams
Wtfff what a shitty list 1.liquid 2. Furia/nrg 3. Nrg/furia 4. Complexity ( beat mibr hello) 5. Could be mibr yeah But LG is so bad even ghost, envy, eunited are better than them even the boludos are...
eUnited vs New Identity
eZ for eUnited bout to clap c9 (if they beat new identity lul) cheeks
C9 disband
Actually all this fpl mix teams are fkim insane on nuke But still c9 so trash
60 hz to 75 hz (EASY) 1366x768 monitors
it doesnt work on my laptop :( its 1366c768 tho
Best BMW model My 2 favorites, idk if best but i like them both
First reverse sweep?