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R8 Brasil COUPLE Dance
Fking gringo stop that aint us
R8 brasil minecraft
Lmao yeah we the same just the language is spanish not brazilian
R8 brasil minecraft
Bro thats not brazil lol Thats fkin colombia or some similar shit
I r8 your Crosshair -'-
Tariks on the workshop map
[+18] Brasil Twerk
I think this video is colombia or from puerto rico or sum shit 💀💀
anime for beginners ?
im not really into romace animes xd but might give it a try
anime for beginners ?
yeah i still love dbz but naruto is just better imo better characters better story, deep secrets i have cry watching naruto, dbz was just big guys fightting not really a deep story
anime for beginners ?
im also a beginner and ive watched naruto = better than dbz death note = amazing yugioh and pokemon = childhood memories im planning to watch tokyo ghoul and attack on titan and fullmetal aclhemist
It includes information about why the court cases are relevant to students' lives and why it is important to study the history of the American legal system.
Urgent fantasy help
Black conservative harassed
Nt racist
Don Haci; The idiot of 21st century
Curse you I hope you get 1 point away from diamond And fuck french cs, stop fking overrating them, they already retarded they dont need motivation Same with brazil cs
Your grandkid name will be mohammed abdir Schmitz lmao How you feel about that?
I mean germany is soon to be half arab half white so lmao u a bigger joke
I was born in brazil but i dont consider myself brazilians so i think i can use it