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Heretics vs NiP
f0rest so good :)
which team NaVi will beat in the Berlin final 2019?
ForZe or Avangar probably :)
Russia overrated?
Another (100+ on this week) post about how bad to live in Russia. I think if we make a list of which countries are most frequently mentioned on hltv - Russia will lead by a huge margin. I understand t...
Russia sucks?
I tried to change your mind, but I see it's no use. :)
Russia sucks?
Just understand that nothing in life is easy, you need to work hard to get something. Morons from 'first world countries' can tell you how they do nothing and live well - but that's just a lie. Someon...
Russia sucks?
1) If you can't pass the exam - you have nothing to do at the university, isn't it? :) 2) you can go somewhere you don't need professional skills. 3) you're 17 years old, why do you even care about a...
Russia sucks?
I don't understand what problems you may have - learn, work, build a better future. The world is yours.
Russia sucks?
If you are really from Mongolia, you would know that your little country has helped us a lot more than the United States. But you don't know that.
Russia sucks?
And what's wrong today? :)
Russia sucks?
People who do not know their past have no future.
Russia sucks?
Just remember, in WWII Denmark was occupied for 1 hour, Soviet Union fought for 4 years and won. And who are the slaves after that?
Windigo vs NiP
We'll see it after the major. If NiP can't get the Legends status again - GTR will go away.
Windigo vs NiP
Well, we're all getting old. He was good on Nuke today.
Windigo vs NiP
so close :(
Windigo vs NiP
Against #24 team, it's nnt a tier100, you mad, bro :)