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AGO vs fnatic Rising
and that's how i losr +2.5 fnatic after long timeout and 5v3 lost kiddos should never be alive, wish u r killed after this
Eternal Fire vs GamerLegion
Kebab kebab kebab Most of them play in tier 1 team and still cannot compete in tier unknown competition Kebab kebab kebab, better doing ur kebab business than csgo xantares
GamerLegion vs Unique
shit i just saw the series sponsor. its PINNACLE, what did u expect ?? hahahaha, fucking betsport try to fix some match huh, well u did it well tonight
GamerLegion vs Unique
Now the pick timeout just to make it look legit. Fucking sold match, should be banned this team noob as hell
GamerLegion vs Unique
Every fucking weird things happened after timeout. This stupid unique ready for save but this idiot zero push and die. Not to mention rusty become retard not to kill the bomber. Fuck
Wisla Krakow vs EC Kyiv
Ec Kyic so fucking trash, should be ez 2-0 but had some idea and lose shit
ECSTATIC vs Complexity
This col roster is worse than previous. Wtf they thinking ?? Come on CEO, use ur fucking brain and money ti get better player. U just buy tier 2 player and eveb they lose to tier unknown team
Tricked vs GMT
Ah fuck, inferno T side is not that bad. This fuckeslrs just cant play csgo decently lol Tricked soo nooobbb
Entropiq vs AGF
lmao, i actually win AGF bet map 1 hahahahahaha
Unique vs LookingForOrg
Into the Breach vs OFFSET
fucking no brain, full buy and still no brain play. hahahahaha idiiiioooottttt
Finest vs EC Kyiv
Golden u still fucking useless, why didnt u just retire u dumb
NAVI Junior vs Astralis Talent
Fuck u astraloseeeee F
Astralis Talent vs fnatic Rising
Hahahahahaha Fnatic jr or sr both trash hahahahaha
Astralis Talent vs fnatic Rising
Both team trash period