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Help with a girl [SERIOUS]
She said she knew I was behind that profile and she played along
FaZe Top 2
They again lucked their way through. Jks bot again
how many girl approaches?
Like 4-5 ish
XIZT Problem
Shat ap
XIZT Problem
It's not about the stats all the time
Liquid and EG fans come
Gg :))
Help with a girl [SERIOUS]
I confessed it now. Lets see what happens
Help with a girl [SERIOUS]
Okay I have, but I am not in "love" with her. I just enjoy(ed) spending time with her and I ofc feel.betrayed because she lied to me
Help with a girl [SERIOUS]
That's a good advice
Help with a girl [SERIOUS]
I completely agree. But I wanna meet her tomorrow to find it out 100%. I have yet no emotional connection to her, I am just hurt to fall for such a hoe and trusting her. But there is a tiny chance th...
Help with a girl [SERIOUS]
Thanks for your response. I know this is and trust me, if someone wrote me that story like 1 month ago, I would have responded exactly like you did. I am normally a very logical and intelligent person...
Help with a girl [SERIOUS]
You summed up it up perfectly. I think my plan is exactly what you recommended :)
Help with a girl [SERIOUS]
Bro, I know all of that. But I really thought she was different. I had enough of just non serious- f*ck relationships with girls and really wanted to "feel" love again and wanted to trust someone.
Help with a girl [SERIOUS]
Thanks for your response. I know it was false what I did and I hope it turns out to the good. But I have issues trusting girls because I was cheated on and i was carried away with this Fake Profile st...