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rain: "All of these people saying -rain +whatever, that was the motivation for me to play better"
-rain +rain
Twistzz: "We're hitting a good stride right now, I think we're close to peaking"
Twistzz has higher rating than both broky and rain for a reason since the creation of this squad lol its not positions its his amazing aim that gets him 4ks a lot to carry in needed rounds. He doesnt ...
Heroic vs Liquid
Didnt feel like that last time they met lmao
sycrone: "It was more of a decision for JDC than it was against NBK-, he never did anything wrong"
Kjaerbye had a word in there as well I heard
9z clinch last Major spot for the Americas after defeating EG and paiN
Really big moment for them and their countries. Well deserved good game!
Complexity, Liquid, Bad News Bears, TeamOne top first North America RMR qualifier
We respect you not being toxic. Papa bless
MOUZ NXT vs BIG Academy
That really isnt the deciding factor that they have fallen in ranks if anything that is helping them stay close to 30. Theyve won 2 out of 7 of their last matches since October. Stopping them from pla...
Evil Geniuses confirm Stewie2K signing
no but Stew, RUSH, autimatic and Brehze are NA aka a majority of the team. Hints why EG was considered an international team before this cause half the team wasnt NA
ZywOo claims his first MVP of the year at IEM Winter
S1mple on garbage teams top fragging: Hard Carrier. S1mple on a good team top fragging: Abuser. Lmao I likey
Liquid close in on oSee - Report
This is honestly a pretty great looking team. Shox is a bit strange though he would have to really prove himself with the firepower. I would have said Brehze or floppy instead and that would be *chefs...
Video: ZywOo ends NAVI's Nuke streak with 1v4
Thats weirdly not as bad stats as I thought. 1.13 on lan is pretty good. The way you put it I thought it would be 0.95 or something cause he hasnt seemed to be great on lan so far but seems otherwise ...
floppy in talks with Extra Salt - Report
I would say JT if he wasnt IGL so most likely Sonic or MarKE for sure sadly
Vitality defeat FPX in Flashpoint 3 lower bracket
12 less kills than misutaaa even lol
Zyphon parts ways with Astralis Talent
A lot of people use cars. They are very popular in the world of automobiles
Complexity beat Vitality in poizon's return at BLAST Premier Spring
lmao true
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