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TaZ Mercedes
Come on guys... The car is most probably company owned and only being leased to TaZ. Whenever he quits VP he will also lose the car.
KRIMZ To Fnatic!?
G2 problems
shox the new happy fans unhappy :<
S1mple to Na'Vi Confirmed.
it's NiP man...
Fer's girlfriend
bondik and friberg
no she doesn't
NiP disband?
G2 top8 at major np
G2 without Scream
won't be long before they replace fox to make a full swedish speaking team. kinda sucks now that fox has reached a level of constantly playing better than average
gamers paradise qualifier with kinguin http://www.hltv.org/news/15267-kinguin-win-gaming-paradise-qualifier
Richard Lewis attacks HLTV
you just went super serial
Rahim or Richard Lewis?
what is this about?
TSM not invited to Dubai for hating muslims?
well yeah that argument is a bit questionable, but one can also point the blame at TSM since they are a "new" team in a sense with this lineup and haven't been as active as they probably should have
TSM not invited to Dubai for hating muslims?
also if ESL decide to create an ex tempore tournament for publicity and commercial reasons, shouldn't they be allowed to invite whoever they want? TSM players going on about how the tournament woul...
Allu's contract ends in september
also that during the negotiations is he free to negotiate with other teams as well what's also interesting is that he says that NiP are currently paying him considerably better than the average fin...