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Natus Vincere vs mousesports
lmao, i thought it's going to OT, but mousesports wanna go to lower for a safe play, probably wanna eliminate early. Hopefully mousesports going home early then.
Lazarus vs New Identity
NI best moments: T side -> no need to plant B CT side -> Last round guys, no need to stay A site they dont deserve any org, they just brainless.
Lazarus vs New Identity
fuck, didn't this NI T side know that there is a site called B u all fucking retard. U dont deserve grand final u dog.
Lazarus vs New Identity
will NI play seriously in grand final ? or they still need some G's for buying pc ?
Nemiga vs Epsilon
hem ? what's just happened ? can someone explain this situation ??
FURIA vs TeamOne
round 21 b4rtiN afk ??
FURIA vs TeamOne
just some couple of bucks. I just dont like their game play. no respect to the game.
FURIA vs TeamOne
Confirmed: TeamOne throwing train for -1.5 Furia bet. I dont know why valve not seeing this match but teamone should be banned or change name into ShameOne or ThrowOne, just to make the statement obvi...
FURIA vs TeamOne
helllooooo, teamone helllooooo.... Do you guys awake or still high ???? Fucking brazilian
Virtus.pro vs Chaos
Vp VP VP, why u win a round if u just gonna lose the others u fucker. Stop playing for pros and let us win too.
ATK vs Envy
Not start yet ?
Windigo vs forZe
I wish this is elimination round, I really want to windigo out of the event. They disrespect the event and csgo itself.
Windigo vs forZe
Windigo vs forZe
Does this bulgarian throw this opening match or they just show off their comeback ???
Grayhound vs fnatic
wasted slot, they should know their place. What a shame for australians.