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2020 military strength ranking
Canada is known for being friendly, nobody will invade you, relax.
I've been absent for a couple of months from the CS scene, last time I was following, Astralis was dominating but Liquid and EG were starting to beat them in some matchups and tournaments; the other t...
Fnatic odds
I have only now seen that the game already happened. Hahahaahahaha. Congrats on the win.
Fnatic odds
I've been away a couple of months from the CS scene, but I do recall that NaVi was always overpriced, may be the case here too.
Brazilian streamer talked about it.
Vitality vs NiP
Yup, but NiP already helped me a lot losing that Dreamhack against Fnatic, so it's all good, besides, losing money is way different to missing the opportunity to earn it.
Vitality vs NiP
If a NiP fan say so, I'll believe it. Thx.
Vitality vs NiP
NiP 3.50, do you guys think it's worth betting on it?
Major ez predicitons
Why did I not trust you? It was easy odds.
Major ez predicitons
Well, ENCE already fucked all our predictions boys.
Major ez predicitons
Hahahaha AVANGAR is giving pretty good odds. It's tempting. ENCE always find a way to lose, even when they seem "very strong", if Vitality passes through AVANGAR, they beat ENCE, if not, they lose in ...
Major ez predicitons
You raise very good points. Still, idk I've got a feeling that this Liquid vs Astralis will be a matchup like before the players break. I give Liquid a slight advantage, they know that even though the...
Major ez predicitons
If NRG win against NaVi, I think they win against Liquid and lose to Astralis. That first map against Astralis they made many mistakes, that won't happen again, the danes are robots will be a 2-1 Ast;...
Major ez predicitons
Na'Vi fan not trusting them? That's new. ENCE>Renegades; Vitality>AVANGAR; Liquid>Astralis (imo Liquid must've studied Astralis a lot during players break, because everyone expects them to be able t...
if liquid win major
I just can't understand why everyone thinks NaVi is a legit contender, they've played only one event with this roster and lost it.