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Most Frags In A Match
In 30 rounds 47 i think,but once was against a guy that did like when we were 14-10 up like 5 2v5 retakes in a row and ended up with 70 kills winning 16-14 still dont know if he was just unbelivably g...
Sad truth of CSGO
+1 bro i think he is done after this
so easy for fpx, g2 sucks in every game :D
Majors wouldnt be so boring then like they are now
coldzera (the truth)
"not anymore))" then to what is he reffering if he isnt reffering to time in faze?
coldzera (the truth)
U said he is talking about time in faze and he obviously isnt so i am right
coldzera (the truth)
"yes he was kinda decent in past" u are the one that cant read
Gla1ve #1 2019
Niko>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Glaive in fragging
Gla1ve #1 2019
Do u really think gla1ve is better fragger than Niko?
Who Do You Miss?
Losing and lauging?
Dumbass because they have another map
$400 on FaZe
U got it tho faze win this
faze unprofessional
U are sad get a life, why do u care so much how they react?
faze unprofessional
no they should keep being positive and they cant win if they are negative u are actually so pathetic if u think its bad that they arent mad after losing 15-0
Was itachi revived because i saw some years ago there were some moments where sasuke talks to his soul but i never really watched the episodes and my friend told me that after shippuden boruto is shit
[+18] Japan Explain