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Your country’s current future
But these turks especially the young turks are fucking bad, they are not integrating into german culture, you could possibly even say germans integrated more into turkish culture than the turks integr...
Those Finn nerds
Well, im still cheering for BIG and other german teams whenever they play, but yeah
Those Finn nerds
well, maybe we will not, but who cars, brazilian teams still suck
Congratz Jame
wow men are you the real markoni11oo??
Those Finn nerds
Thats something a brazilian team will not do for a long time in any good tournament
ok, why would you think Get right is good??? He is literally the worst player in NiP
You must be literally retarded to not understand that Get right is trash
Don haci
hes turk living in netherlands
NBK crying again LUL
wtf thats so sad :((
why u bully us EU
Im not, its true, soviets murdered and raped millions of german civilians during end of ww2 and after WW2
why u bully us EU
Yes, Soviet occupation killed way more german civillians than the american bombings did
why u bully us EU
all you north americans killed in WW2 were innocent german civilians by bombing them to shit, thanks man
Father is Skin head
Yes, nazism is also an opinion, but btw you said ALL racists should go to prison, and being a racist doesnt mean you are a nazi automatically.
Father is Skin head
Yes, they are basically doing nothing. being a racist is just an opinion. If they get violent and start attacking people, then imprison them like any other person. But if they do nothing except having...
Father is Skin head
Why is it not an opinion? Do you only allow opinions which you agree with? and btw you say im a nazi and you say "dissidents were labeled "communists" and sent away never to return again" But the t...