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aussies come
Queenstown in NZ is great if you are looking for a vacation
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Ground Zero vs Rooster
well he is the coach tbf
Make a team I fix it
i think you are overrating neil m too much
Make a team I fix it
dexter CeRq jks Liazz jkaem Chet
NZ for sure, great experience every time I’ve visited. Taxes there are apparently great as well. Along with that, a lot of things like banks and drivers licenses are shared with Australia so travellin...
From pro to washed up the fastest?
tenz was never good on a team people just thought he was cool because he got highlights against level 4s in faceit xd
idk he seems to have incorporated washed players in his list of overrated players, but yeah I don’t know why people were rating wardell at all, really hated his attitude
Are used mobos+cpu combo safe to buy ?
idk if they have a return policy then I don’t see why not
2666mhz ram vs 3000
dont buy that slow ass ram 3200 is the minimum for a good pairing with ryzen
But he just kicks anyone who opposes his views. Thats what happened with Sonic, Nifty found out they were talking about removing him in a private whatsapp so he kicked Sonic. Probably the same happene...
He wouldn't go back to that org, not after the team having to fight for their salaries and constantly dealing with overdue pay.
Major canceled
Yeah man it will probably never be fully dealt with in America. The government clearly couldnt care less as they arent profiting by it, and Americans themselves are too centered on their freedoms and ...
Major canceled
This shouldnt be groundbreaking news to anyone. As long as the spastic American/Brazilian/Russian governments continue not giving a fuck we wont be seeing a major for the next couple of years at the v...