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ban this guy
Yeah sure better than me and crying about awp being op ::DDD:D:DD:D:D:D lmao thx for laughs which one of us is crying about guns? :D:D:D
Good subreddits
r/HoldMyFeedingTube and r/FiftyFifty are great subs
glave LOL
What a guy
ban this guy
And its all about skill. I dont even know what to say, this is so dumb. If a guy with a gun is good it doesnt mean the gun is op it means the guy is good with it. And when exactly has valve said its o...
glave LOL
Men pls
vertigo 20years old
Oh i didnt even realize i was only 12. Thanks man
ban this guy
Well can you give a better example why is it op than "even the biggest retard on earth can hold an angle with awp" that is a shit example if i've seen one
ban this guy
No what i didnt say that :D Its good as it is
ban this guy
Yeah but the biggest retard cannot counter 5 man push alone. And the biggest retard cannot watch flank at the same time he is holding angle. The weapon is not op you just gotta know how to counter it
Why would you laugh to Finland? Laugh to Ence i am laughing too xd
I aint sad i have never been Ence fan or AleksiB fan. Fuck Ence y'all
Ur Keyboard?
Imagine fakeflagging cuz you cant tell which country you are from xd Maybe from India and thats why you are braindead?
Ur Keyboard?
Says the fat american who has the crazy president that is destroying world peace xD F to the fat burgerboy
Ur Keyboard?
Ya we dont want those fucking sad people crying here. Gtfo or kys
Ur Keyboard?
Braindead Swedish gays dont know that Sweden is in Europe POGCHAMP