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Mouz fix
lmfao NA peanut brain at work just cause they won some tournaments a long time ago doesnt make them better now, why tf do you think Oskar doesnt have a team and Styko is struggling in the t7 scene? ca...
Mouz fix
with that logic faze clan won a lot of shit (much more than mousesports ever did) then turned complete dogshit, should they go back to the same roster again??? 0 IQ LMFAO
Mouz fix
old mouz would have trouble qualifying for v4 future lmfao
Mouz fix
old mouz got raped in the minor lmfao
hahaha everything checks out, mouz is dogshit
mousesports vs Heroic
another important match and es3tag goes missing again, this guy is so trash against actual teams its insane
eG 2 trophies Astralis 20 trophies 4 majors 1 IGS look at the top of the prize award winnings, do you see any eG members ? hah...
they need to its their only chance to win anything axaxaxax
fnatic vs Tricked
how is it possible for pro players to always have this much trouble with their pc/internet/whatever
How old is your country?
A quick "oldest scandinavian country" tells me, you are wrong
mousesports vs CR4ZY
lmfao frozen how do you whif those so bad
EG > Astralis/fnatic CS
they took CS to a whole new lvl cause they won a tournament? could you explain a bit what they did that that was so extraordinary? any new tactics or???
EG > Astralis/fnatic CS
Ppl like you probably think a new GOAT team have been defined after every tournament. I dont think any1 in their right mind thinks that a team have any chance what so ever against Astralis playing the...
EG > Astralis/fnatic CS
NRG got humiliated by Astralis in the majors lol
-NEO = -FaZe