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I am an influencer with 300 followers alltogether on my facebook, instagram, twitter and telex accounts and I would like to know if you would hand out 10 free bananas for me and my friends in trade fo...
Your favourites childhood cartoons
Justice League & Justice League Unlimited Tom & Jerry SwatKats Any Hannah & Barbera Cartoons Beyblade Pokemon Galactik Football The Centurions
Its too hot...........
skkrrt skrrrt!
But I've already done that... It's like the first thing I do in the morning. THIS THING IS BROKEN!
Tell me something magical.
Liquid not top1
What does Liquid strats have to do with Astralis shows a poor form and choke against Vitality in the semis? Liquid was f'in lucky that S1mple fucked up with his knife in the prelims, that kill could ...
Liquid not top1
The reason is that I don't like Team Liquid on #1 spot and don't think they deserve it, is because (yes it sounds weird and stupid) that Liquid haven't managed to beat any of the high ranking teams wh...
Well yes, even though I am an Astralis fan, I find their play style during this ESL to be very lackluster, there aren't any calculated risks or anything like when you see the other teams, their tempo ...
It's amazing how all the other bigger teams makes so many stupid mistakes or plays like a wet bag of potatoes against Liquid. I must say that, Liquid may be the best team right now, but all the other ...
What? He didn't have kit?
BIG vs Heroic
Heroic has done a very stunishing job lately, they have really taken advantage of their underdog title and played very consistent, a bigger map pool, a bigger playbook and some time and they will be o...
worst country fanbases
worst country fanbases
I think all countries have trash fans, especially when it comes to the chats on Twitch during events... So much spam, so much trash talking it makes a verbal football hooligan fight look like kinderga...
NRG vs Astralis
Gla1ve has done soooo many stupid things the last 3 events that has really been costful. Meanwhile CErq is carrying and DAPS has just been lucky.