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Spirit vs Extra Salt
its so sad they just gonna lose 1st match in this tourney and done, at least they have other chances. hopefully they can prove, but evne ifthey do ill have to root against them vs liquid..sad times. b...
Junior lmao
based on his performance in t3 na cs?
Junior lmao
You say Junior was a bad pickup bc he was playing in t3 NA and then suggest saffee lol. Here is Junior popping off against FURIA:
Junior lmao
What are you so mad about? I've never came close to hating a country like you hate USA
Junior lmao
>They got an awper that was playing in tier 3 NA cs. They should've gotten Yel or Saffee. Lol
Junior lmao
Why do you think FURIA improved when they picked him up?
rate NA team
jt is a genuinely good igl, but just way, wayyy too bad
not a bad player to copy
Valorant's flaws
2 and 3 are true but jett knives are absolutely bonkers insane you have to be scream to beat even a decent player that has them in a gunfight
BITCOIN investment
Crypto is more like currency speculation than stock, and currency speculation is known to be high risk.
BITCOIN investment
Put SOME of your money in bitcoin, but putting it all in is a HUGE gamble. Bitcoin has no inherent value. We have already seen bubbles pop with things that actually have massive value, like houses, so...
Liquid best org?
why hating hollandite? is it ur lower gdp per capita make you insecure? explain pls mens
"NA CS is back"
I feel like yours didn't hit like mine did. Anyway I would never criticize any pro player in any competition regardless of region for believing in themselves that they can win. Of course every serio...
"NA CS is back"
"Haha pro player. You were confident in yourself and had a winning mentality, but you lost! Now you look quite the fool." - faceit level 8 hltv poster