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Admins be friendly , it's all banter...

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Have you ever seen ScreaM's tracking ? It's better than smooth aimbot
[+18] deagle
Barely anyone does that that above mg/faceit lvl4 ranks , what rank are you mate ?
Are Croatian girls hot?
Balkan girls ain't as ez as girls from the western part of Europe so I doubt you will get to fuck any Croatain girls , but you will most likely have fun with some Chechz and Russian girls...
TWITCH IS CANCELED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I posted one , don't care if anyone copies or shit , if it annoys you don't open...
Twitch is worst
Unless the girls are actually popular or some models than you were actually violating privacy of other people and could get in some trouble...
TWITCH IS CANCELED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yup , and one of the channels they promoted streamed porn...
TWITCH IS CANCELED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you are that dumb to not get the whole point of this thread I won't care to explain...
TWITCH IS CANCELED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There is never enough money , the more you have it the more you want... If he didn't want money he wouldn't have accepted the offer... After all mixer is the new kid in the block , there is no telling...
TWITCH IS CANCELED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They have the money to move all of them , they wouldn't just waste 10 mill on ninja and do nothing after that... It's obviously a start , they wan't to be the next big streaming site...
TWITCH IS CANCELED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As if you never called your friend gay or what ever. Everyone is so sensitive. But the n-word problem hasn't been resolved and streamer wasn't banned , what do you say about that ?
TWITCH IS CANCELED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And pornography as well , don't forget about that...
TWITCH IS CANCELED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Retarded site...
TWITCH IS CANCELED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hard to believe , but it will grow steadily...
TWITCH IS CANCELED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't care about ninja , just used him as an example and as far as things go , he is the only major example...
TWITCH IS CANCELED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I remember that clip... Gets banned for showing a pixelated hitler skin that varelly resembles him for less than a second...