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fear of death
The only way to stop fearing death is to stop thinking about it and live your life to fullest. The only reason people fear death is regret that they didn't do much with their life.
Killing innocent people , muslims or not , is wrong. Pretty much this is equivalent to saying you agree with Aushwitz and the killing of jews , kinda fucked up mens)))
when can you get valorant beta code?
Just wait for an open beta , what's the hurry ?
did you know ?
Really ? I always tought the difference was placebo cuz I moved faster than with awp while scoped-in...
niko and hunter will play a pro match together on the same team in 2020
The only time we will see them play on the same team is like 6/7 years in the future when they are both washed up and past their prime and just decide to create a bosnian/serbian team , kinda like wha...
top1 FaZe lineup
Yes way
top1 FaZe lineup
Remove cold instead , NiKo can lurk
But we can take the same argument for overpass as well , you remember the 10-1 half against na'vi they lost as T ? It happens , and so far , nuke is their best map. They trashed both na'vi and mouz on...
Nuke is their best map , forget what happened with g2 , their T sides are amazing. Also don't forget that they are playing against VP.
rate lunch mens)))
That sounds nice
rate lunch mens)))
So , how are you supposed to eat this ?
Another FaZe thread
This is probably the best FaZe we seen since 2018. It's far from the point that they are bad. Both na'vi games , mouz game and a g2 game were at one point in FaZe's hands.Choking is their only problem...
csgo broken
Can confirm , running CS at stable 120 fps with a cheap 150€ used PC i made.
about faze
I will agree
about faze
GG to G2. But I didn't say that FaZe is better , just said that we should wait before saying either G2>FaZe or FaZe>G2