-have been banned only once
-would sell my dignity to see Lisa for 1 minute
-not perfect at English
-no alt accounts

*Fan of teams:

*Fan of players:

*Least favourite players:
S1mple, zywoo, device and sh1ro

*Most overrated players:

*Favourite HLTV user:
None, yall suck

*Least favourite HLTV user:
All of you cuz I hate humanity

And no, I'm not a weeb.
And no, I'm not a koreaboo

Forum posts
"S1mple is a natural talent"
S1mple cheater, zywoo cheater. Both cheaters. End of story.
HLTV TOP 10 Best Looking Pros
Felps, fnx, mantuu, aleksib, nbk, perfecto, twistzz. Some of these deserve top 10 ovef allu, kscerato, tarik and cadian.
Users I miss
It took you that long ? There are no rules here, mods ban people based solely off of their feelings, jonathanE is the best example of that. He said the n word once, and it was fine cuz it was "within ...
Hunter x Hunter
That's not something to brag about.
HuNter said that the only way to be top 1 is with awp in todays era which is true. Nowhere did anyone say NiKo wants to be top 1 and took the awp himself.
What statement and what lies ?
"S1mple is a natural talent"
Idc who has VAC where I'm not a zywoo fan. But s1mple cheated as well so you are being hypocritical.
"S1mple is a natural talent"
S1mple got ESL banned but whatever.
NiKo is improving every game. He was good against FaZe.
G2 is yet to play against heroic and navi so we don't know how much better they are than G2.
Can Nip...
The only reason why FaZe was good prior to karrigan when olof played and cold IGLed was honeymoon period. Olof overperformed and even if he stayed he wouldn't keep up the rating. But he does have expe...
Thorin about device
There was a period in 2019 when liquid dominated during summer and elige honestly looked like a top 1 player at those moments.
Can Nip...
A better awper is a step in the right direction and unless you have s1mple/zywoo in the team +device will be an upgrade regardless which awper you have in the team. All they need is -ztr and if nawwk ...