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r8 F1 drivers
1 - Lewis Hamilton although he's always had the best car. 2 - Danny Ric. Always has that contagious toothy grin and the shoey. Plus, that Netflix show made me follow him more. 3 - Esteban Ocon has bee...
r8 F1 drivers
+1 for Shwartzman
r8 F1 drivers
Probably anti-ruski
having 2+ cis players in your team = = insta loss
CIS players may be more toxic but on average they tend to be better than NA players in matchmaking, at least around the MG1-DMG rank. As long as you don't say anything to them they'll play their own g...
Natus Vincere vs Spirit
All of Russia is celebrating today. Spirit has been so good this year.
> We don't > some old people and a few idiot skinheads It's not a paradoxical statement. This is why I made the distinction because the actions of a select few make the rest of us seem homophobic. Bu...
US Embassy in Russia (Moscow) is flying the queer flag in support. This is seen as disrespectful because people have this notion that Russians hate the LGTBQ community because of some old people and a...
name your country and in will create a super team
Definitely: cerq bubble poizon Consider: dream3r spyleader dennyslaw shipz I haven't watched enough Windigo games to know who would take the last few spots.
name your country and in will create a super team
2020 YTD: mir Boombl4 - IGL xsepower - AWP electronic fl1t Also considered: Forester Jerry - IGL almazer Jame - AWP sh1ro - AWP
ur kill record in csgo?
In regular matchmaking I went 45-19 in a MGE / DMG lobby. I had three rounds in a row with 4k and four additional rounds with a 3k. Had a kill in every round except for two. In a faceit lobby a whil...
Protests in America
Civil commotion, rioting, vandalism are all covered perils under most standard Business Owners and / or Property policies. There's definitely a limit as to how much they can recover but the companies ...
Players that deserve majors? (imo)
Dennis Rodman
I Rate your City
39'i kvartal!!
I Rate your City
Are you from Kazan?
Top 10 Awpers imo (Updated)
I would take xsepower over at least 3 of the above mentioned.