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What's your biggest REGRET in life?
shouting anal in my classroom
A short story only using 1 word per person
G2 > Vitality
it's kinda true... the fact that vitality is carried by one dude doesn't make it a 2nd best team but a team who needs a rope to carry 4 dudes by 1 talent g2 has KennyS and shox some old talents and 2...
True Astralis fix
zywoo is a virgin
Ez liquid
imagine vitality 2-0 liquid it's gonna be weird am I right? like make the math if liquid 2-1 vitality liquid could win the grand slam and if vitality would 2-1 them well french scene would shine once ...
Worst Teammates [Strawpoll]
filipino cunts who just won't shut the fuck up if I try to call them a twat for not listening
Vitality Luckers
u mean s1mple.... coldzera is literally jumping while shooting
'Liquid era'
luliquid can't win a major it's not what God wanted
Astralis vs Vitality
Astralis vs Vitality
never and never will it will be over if a team wins the next major
if Vitality will win Astralis tomorrow
ez dollar
liquid era?
NA boys Na boys watcha gonna do? watcha gonna do? the EU teams will come for you
Cologne predictions from you guys
Mibr = probs Liquid = probs NaVi = ok what's with the booml4 craze??? Astralis = probs G2 = probs furia = blurry tbh nrg = probs
liquid era?
if liquid can sweep any team on any map well we're in an era of chokeliquid but I doubt that liquid will have an era since NaVi might pull a trap card in the esl one cologne if liquid can push throu...
No more Coral Reefs
Im going to jupiter because plastic made the world stupider see what I did there