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boring era?
does Romania has internet?... if yes then gov should remove it bcz u don't deserve internet bitch
boring era?
I don't understand why astralis fans are so toxic.... stop being so dumb.... i enjoyed astralis era and now it's time for liquid so enjoy it and stop being an asshole
boring era?
lol astralis fan getting baited.... astralis lul
ENCE vs Liquid
learn English please.... you doesn't get the meaning of my statement
Liquid vs Vitality
I need a vitality fan to laugh on..... hahahahaha idiot French faggots
Liquid vs Vitality
look at the team though they are sooooo fucking confident and sharp all the time..... twistzz always clutch elige always gets entry naf always beat the ass up and stewie2k omg his awping and hero ak p...
Liquid vs Vitality
s1mple is GOD and look at zywoo he is not consistent so plz kid run away and respect s1mple for being consistent all the time
Vitality vs FURIA
Jesus you are soo dumb..... stop being fan of French faggots they are dumbshit.... btw you are bullshit too so you should support vita-titties...... lol idiot
MIBR vs G2
"don't act like it's not true"..... wasn't it your comment idiot..... leave French faggots can't understand English.... ;)
Liquid vs G2
MIBR vs G2
lol hahahahaha.... so you think vitality going to win a MAJOR..... bahahaahahaha fucking retard..... even s1mple can't win alone then how can zywoo and navi is a much better team than this vitality on...
CR4ZY vs G2
CR4ZY vs G2
Who is better.... S1mple or zywoo?
Liquid vs Cloud9
Who is better.... S1mple or zywoo?
Vitality vs Liquid
Who is the MVP of tournament?